The review of the reputation economy.

To compete in the global economy, you have to establish an online presence and, in this case, a reputation. The reputation economy must be maintained and is linked by visibility, therefore, believes the opportunity. Having a maintained online presence creates a reputation and, in turn, confidence develops. Your brand and online presence will become increasingly effective and will produce positive results.

The reputation economy is increasingly evident. Microsoft launched a survey in which they found 80% of HR professionals who use online reputation information as part of their hiring process, along with 70% had rejected a work candidate because of what they had found in line. This leads me to believe that we are living in a reputation economy. What people say about you and the online presence that you believe will determine your success or failure in this economy.

What is the reputation economy?

The reputation economy is an environment where brands are created and constructed and how they are perceived online, providing the promise they promote and advertise. The online market is where you can find products and people, being qualified and commented, so, therefore, building a reputation. Positive brands can meet and create new opportunities and negative brands create a less important reputation.

How to build an online reputation

Establish your reputation and if you are strong, then people will want to work with you and help you build your brand. You are responsible for protecting and managing your reputation with the mentality that it is very important and sacred for you. So there are some key ideas to think about building your reputation.

* Being known and of good reputation for one thing. Being everything for everyone will result in failure, since people who care about people are decreasing today. Become an expert in a particular niche and conquer it if you want to highlight in the crowd. Becoming an expert in its field for a skill or a particular topic will adhere to the minds of people, they will remember.

* Build your product before marketing it by creating online blogs and social networking profiles. By setting up your sites and your profile, you first have a place where people can find it, interact and join their mailing list. Marketing Your brand without a product will result in the loss of possible prospects.

* Convert opportunities in difficult results and make an online presence. The potential prospects naturally want to know about their brand and will do their research. People want to know what you are capable of and what you have to offer. So have a regular online presence to establish the reputation economy. Taking advantage of the Internet power is powerful, for example, writing an article and loading a video daily.

Contribute actively to the online market daily to ensure a high exposure for your business and brand. The speed in which the reputation economy is increasing, is forcing us to be out with the rest of the competition.

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