Top 3 questions CEOS should make marketing leaders

Driving increased income and market share requires comprehensive knowledge of your client along with AA’s commitment to customer experience. CEOs must be an advocate to improve customer experience (CX) that promotes the acquisition of successful B2B customers. Specifically, when talking with marketing leaders about marketing strategies B2B, CEOs must be asking these difficult questions to ensure that CX is fundamental for the marketing strategy:

Have you identified target people in your B2B marketing strategy?

Going through the exercise to develop market-based people and customer research is essential to understand its target customer. In addition, people help marketing teams, involve these clients on the buyer’s trip based on motivators and detractors. For example, Web-based experiences are from 2 to 5 times more effective. However, only 44% of B2B marketers use people as part of their B2B marketing strategy. CEOs focused on the acquisition of successful customers should expect people to join the marketing contact points throughout the buyer’s journey.

Have you assigned a trip with a client based on a person to support the acquisition of B2B clients?

Once people develop, marketing must create experiences based on the person who move target customers on their trip to buy the product or service of their B2B organization. Marketing B2B strategies must play at each contact point of the client throughout the buyer’s trip. To create experiences of inspired customers who contribute to increasing the income and return on investment of the marketing program, marketing leaders should focus on the contact points that move the buyer forward. The CEOs must be asking for hard blow questions to ensure that the marketing approach is aligned with the acquisition of B2B customers.

How is the success of your B2B marketing strategy defined and measures?

Supporting the successful execution of an experience initiative in the organization’s customer must be a B2B marketing strategy that has clear objectives and metrics. Your marketing leadership should describe how your B2B marketing programs create direct contribution to high growth income and fuel. CEOs should expect marketing to provide customer experience metrics showing direct contribution to the acquisition of B2B clients.


An organization centered on the client is fundamental for the acquisition of B2B clients. This centrification of the client must begin at the top with the CEOs that advocate the customer experience initiatives. CEOs should ask their marketing leadership, difficult questions to ensure that customer experience is integrated into marketing programs and support for customer acquisition. Research of people, client trips and success metrics should help the alignment of ECAY marketing of income and growth objectives of the organization.

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