Stop using old forms of economics to survive in a new economy.

The world has gone through a number of different ages, such as stone age, bronze age, iron age, etc. A couple of centuries ago, the world went through an industrial revolution. Then came the atomic age and the age of space. At this time, we are living in the era of information. Throughout history, the people who benefited the most were those who recognized the age in which they lived and took advantage of it.

People who could make stone implements probably had a better chance of survival during the stone age. In the same way, the artisans who had the skills required in metallurgy probably prospered at the ages of bronze and iron. The inventors and industrial experts in the market became millionaires during the industrial age. Since the early 80s, we saw that people with the capacity for information technology become millionaires. Discerning the trend of the current era and take advantage of it is a sure way to succeed in business.

The decade of the 80s scored the beginning of the new economy. Although people tend to vary in their opinion of what the new economy really meant, we can be quite safe that it is symbolized by two significant events. The beginning of the 1980s saw the emergence of the personal computer and the arrival of the era of information. Although computers existed long before the 80s, the appearance of the personal computer is what popularized them and made it available to the common man, starting the information era. The proliferation of the Internet strengthened and solidified the dependence of man on the computer for a wide variety of needs. Almost during the same period, communism fell and capitalization began to spread around the world, facilitating the globalization of business.

These two significant events marked the beginning of the new economy. To prosper in this environment, companies really need to stop using the forms of ancient economy to survive in a new economy. Business owners must first recognize that, in fact, they are doing business in the new economy. Then, they must make use of the factors that really define the new economy, the globalization of the business and the use of information technology.

Today’s largest and most successful companies tend to have a global presence. They are constantly looking for new markets around the world to expand your business. At the same time, they are making a good use of computer technology and information to improve your business. Today’s most successful companies use Internet for marketing, sales and customer service.

Therefore, companies wishing to prosper in this new millennium should stop using the forms of ancient economy to survive in a new economy. The globalization of your business and the use of computers and the Internet to improve your business is a reliable way to make your company successful.

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