The 2 more fatal sins of B2B marketing.

There are two main reasons why marketing is failing in its small or medium company B2B:

You see marketing as a business triage. Your company applies a collection of tactics (often labeled as “marketing campaign”) only in response to a problem; Normally, involving the loss of a key client, or decreased income. When the business is good, little or no time is invested in marketing. When the businesses (inevitably) are added, only then marketing becomes a priority.

Expect the marketing to provide immediate results. Whether your company always sees marketing on a “cause and effect” tactical basis, or because marketing triage should be applied quickly to revive a disease company, the marketing function receives insufficient time to produce tangible results. It is not surprising that marketing professionals have the least permanence of any corporate function in the asset management business.

The real truth is that very few B2B business owners understand the marketing function, or have the discipline to design, implement, measure and comply with a coherent marketing approach that builds the brand’s equity and market commitment for a period sustained.

To establish the infrastructure and internal culture necessary for the marketing discipline to be successful, we offer the next simple way:

Create a written marketing plan. This does not need to be in a 3-inch binder; A two-page document is usually enough. Include goals, strategies, responsibilities, timelines, budgets and ways to measure the results. Without a marketing plan you will lose a lot of time and money. And unless it is a written document, you will not have a commitment or responsibility.
Get a higher level commitment. The Honcho in the corner office (which could be you) must understand, support and support the marketing plan. This implies more than the lip service. If your plan is not well personalized and financed from the beginning, there is no real commitment to marketing.
Do some things very well. Its marketing success will be based on the quality and effectiveness of a limited number of strategies / tactics. Companies sometimes advance overboard, thinking that there is a correlation between the size of your marketing investment and business results. But less is usually more, in terms of ROI marketing.
Build and nourish your database.Direct and easy access to customers, prospects, reference sources and opinion leaders from your company is essential. Without an email tubing, the marketing value of the content that creates is close to zero. If your company’s thinking leadership simply sits on your website or social networks, you are losing the opportunity to build relationships with people in your target audience.
Create significant content. Self-serving, white papers and long-standing research reports have a very limited attraction. Generate content that validates the intellectual capital of your company, is easy to read, and focuses on the appropriate topics in which people have a genuine interest.
Promote the upper consciousness of the mind. To be included in the short list of candidates for a task or sale, you must create awareness with key decision makers. To achieve that goal, share their content directly with target audiences quarterly. (More often than that, and it can be seen as a plague.)
The most important thing is, with apologies to Glengarry Glen Ross, B2B companies must commit to:

A … always

B … Ser.

M … Marketing

… so that the discipline is effective. Otherwise, the traditional short-term approach, short-term, business development, will prevent your company from reaching its maximum potential, regardless of its quality or reputation.

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