Are there specific HR information systems from the industry?

A question that seems to appear from time to time “,” Are there specific HR information systems from the industry? “Someone, for example, may be looking for an HRI that is created especially for banking, manufacturing or medical care. In many business software industries, systems tend to be highly focused on particular industries. That is not really the Case with HR information systems.

In general, most HR information systems are designed to work for a wide range of industries.

Companies do so because, obviously, it is more profitable to create a system of human resources that works for a large number of industries instead of a single industry. They make systems very universal offering fields, screens, tables or custom reports. With my HR previous information system distributors, I worked with a request that we sold to all of banking accounting companies, government offices, medical care and manufacturing. Each of these industries has specific needs of the HR system industry, but also share many needs. We discovered that a single system could satisfy the needs of a large number of industries due to the degree of customization provided by the client. I did a lot of work within the health industry that has extremely extensive needs with respect to the details of the training that must be tracked for their staff. We were able to fulfill this need with a product that was not designed for that industry, but we still provide the capabilities of the client. The same was true for a large number of other industries.

If you think you work in an industry that requires very specific capabilities of a human resources information system, do not assume that each product will fulfill that need. By demonstrating the products and doing some research, make sure that the product complies with the specific need of your company or its industry. In most cases, I think that products on the market today are customizable enough to meet most end users, but it never assumes that this is the case.

If you are not sure, when you request references from the HR information system provider, request references from specific organizations for your niche of the industry. Ask the reference if there is something that the product would have to do for your industry that does not. Ask them about how, or if, they could customize the product to satisfy this need.

However, industry experience can still import the HR information system that you select

Even though HR Information System System can meet your basic needs, this may not be enough. Having someone implementing the software that has done it with the same package for its specific industry can be very useful. If challenges arise during implementation, the prior knowledge of the direct industry can be very beneficial.

What happens if you find a specific HR information system from the industry?

Should you buy it? It all depends on the product meets your needs. In the past, I have seen some accounting systems that were created specifically for government offices. One of these systems had a component of the human resources information system, but the product was very light on substances and capabilities. Even though the product was “created specifically” for government organizations, the HR Complementary Information System was not as complete as other systems created for a wide range of industries.

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