How to Market Your Business

Marketing is the dark art of selling your business – and a dark art that does not change much, if at all, from industry to industry. Harnessing the power of a good marketing campaign is essential to both short- and long-term business success, whether or not you as a business owner are especially savvy with marketing principles.

As one of the many small businesses that comprise the UK’s entrepreneurial backbone, you may be looking for specific ideas to improve your chances in a difficult landscape. What follows are some essential considerations for marketing your business today, from the tangible to the digital.

Attending Events

Of the many and varied ways in which you can market your business today, there are some slightly more traditional methods that have become overlooked. While the modern, digital methods for which they have been overlooked have obvious merit – which we will be exploring shortly enough – the subtle art of in-person networking should not be ignored altogether.

Getting out there, through attending industry conferences and events geared towards your specialism or market, can be a fantastic way to make yourself immediately known to contemporaries in your industry. It is through these networking sessions that you can secure advice and even funding for the next stage of your business, or find new partners and suppliers with which to collaborate.


Another conventional approach to marketing presents in the form of signage. Physical signs promoting your business and its offerings can be essential to creating localised interest, whether directing customers to your premises or signifying certain products or prior achievements within your premises. You can permanently affix signage in and out with eyebolts like these, but temporary signage can also be used to advertise limited offers.

Social Media

Having touched upon traditional methods of marketing, we can now take a serious look at a necessary part of doing business today: curating a powerful digital footprint. This is best achieved through establishing a presence on social media, where you are practically guaranteed a direct audience with your customers.

Different social media platforms confer different benefits. Facebook is a platform that enjoys special popularity with older demographics, allowing you to target paid advertising to key subgroups. Instagram, being a visual platform, allows you to visually advertise your products or services. Twitter and BlueSky are ideal platforms for customer service and interaction, being easy platforms to facilitate conversation and feedback.

Email Marketing

Another piece of the digital puzzle, albeit a relatively ancient one, is email marketing. Though unassuming, email marketing remains the single most impactful form of marketing in terms of return on investment (ROI). As recently as 2021, email marketing returned an average of £38 for every £1 invested – a staggering ratio, and one that speaks to the power of a good email marketing campaign. This should not be overlooked, and especially not for a growing business.

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