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Oilfield services have a tough road to becoming competitive and staying there. For many years there were only a few companies that offered quality oilfield services. It wasn’t until sometime in the 90’s that things began to change. Now, there are literally dozens of companies in the oilfield support industry offering many services that were traditionally offered only by a handful of major companies. Yet, some have risen to the challenge and created stellar customer relations, technological advancements, and outstanding workmanship.

Renegade Wireline Services is a top notch oilfield service provider servicing today’s hydrocarbon industry. With extensive service locations throughout the United States, we’re ready to offer a full range of quality wire line services for your pipeline recovery and pipe retrieval needs. We’ve got a well-deserved reputation as a top-notch wireline facility builder and service provider that’s designed to provide our clients with the very best in fast response, state-of-the-art technology and a fast, efficient service schedule. Our personnel are knowledgeable and constantly growing our team so you can be sure you won’t be disappointed with our work.

The Renegade Company has expanded its wireline services offerings to include comprehensive pipeline repair, pipeline installation & decommissioning, pipe recovery, geotech mapping & surveying, and analytical petroleum engineering. In addition, the company works with hydrocarbon exploration & development, horizontal drilling, and horizontal oil & gas marketing. If you need an oilfield services company to help you determine the best route for extracting natural gas from a trapped reservoir, to assist in geotechnical or hydraulic prospecting, or to consult about your carbon dioxide tracking efforts, then Renegade Wireline Services is the oilfield contractor for you.

Are you in need of expert gas industry survey or geotechnical consultation? Do you need assistance with pipe recovery? Are you in need of a Geotech mapping consultant? Renegade Wireline Services can help. The experienced and highly skilled teams of skilled petroleum engineers and geotechnical technologists are on hand to help you determine where the best resources for drilling are located, determine the best way to extract from your well or reservoir, and/or make suggestions as to how to safely transport and dispose of the natural gas you discover.

Are you a skilled technician in computer aided design (CAD) technology? Do you have experience working in the design and construction of oil and gas infrastructure? If you do, you will be pleased to know that the Renegade Wireline Services staff are on hand to assist you in all areas of oilfield technology. Whether you need CAD designing assistance or in helping you install the proper computer based equipment to complete a geotech model or other oilfield related task, the experts at Renegade Wireline Services can help you through every step of the process.

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