Bolstering Your Drive-Thru Experience

Is your drive thru services quick and efficient? Your response can determine the impact on the profitability of your QSR (quick-service restaurant) along with your potential to thrive in a cutthroat space. Restaurants make 70% of their profits through drive-thru windows and that number is growing exponentially as more consumers would like to pick up their food and be on their way. Picking up your drive-thru service speed produces happier customers as well as your capacity to fulfill more orders, resulting in increased profits to your restaurant.

Quikserv has created an easy-to-follow infographic detailing why having an efficient drive thru at your restaurant is important when it comes to accessing a population that doesn’t have time for sit-down places. The guide goes over the importance of a quick drive-thru as well as ways to make your drive-thru more efficient.

To read more on the topic, please see the accompanying resource.

Guide created by Quikserv, a leading provider in drive thru windows

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