7 Reasons Customers Jump Ship and Take Their Business Elsewhere

When running a business, keeping your customers happy should be the top priority. Should you not prioritize your consumers, you can’t expect them to stick around. One of the biggest mistakes any company can make is not paying attention to their customer’s satisfaction and welfare.

Whether you’re about to jump into the business world or you’ve got an established company that’s losing custom, here are some reasons why customers switch to other businesses, and what you can do to retain your audience.

Bad Service

If you treat your customers like gold, they will stick around forever. Should you neglect their wants and needs, you can’t expect your customers to stick around. The most common reason for customers to go elsewhere is because of poor customer service. Whether you’re not answering questions, or not maintaining a professional attitude, it’s vital you act friendly, transparent, and efficient with customers.

To truly get into the mind of your customers, using a customer journey map template lets you learn their likes and dislikes. Once you use the right tools, you will see things from the customer’s point of view, which will ensure you’re delivering the best experience for new and existing customers.

Inconsistent Brand Image

When you take a look at the most successful brands, they have identifiable goals, personalities, and characteristic traits. For companies who suffer from multiple faces, consumers will have difficulty understanding who you are, and they may not trust your products or services. Your business reputation and credibility matter more than anything, so if you’re struggling to keep customers on board, it’s time to pay attention to your brand image.

Your brand needs to cement who you are, what you do, and how you differentiate from competitors. Once you stick with one image and use it across every platform, this will help customers understand exactly what they’re getting from you.

Poor Marketing Efforts

How you promote and market your business can have a big impact on customer retention. If you’re not putting thought into your marketing strategies, consumers may be turned off and go elsewhere. Customers need to have confidence in your services in order to do business, so it’s vital you pay close attention when delivering marketing campaigns.

For instance, should you have spelling mistakes on ads, consumers won’t have much faith in you. If you’re not the most tech-savvy or you don’t have a background in marketing, ensure you have a team behind you who do. That way, you can be confident you’re using the best methods and strategies to attract more custom.

No Engagement

Any successful company will tell you the importance of customer engagement. If you’re interacting with those who have made you a success, they’re more likely to stay loyal to your brand and spread positive messages to friends and family about your business. It pays to engage with customers. As the head of the business, you may not have the time to speak directly with customers. Therefore, hiring a customer service team to do just that is essential.

Once you start interacting with your audience, this can build solid relationships that stand the test of time. When conversing, ensure your messages are friendly, attentive, and accessible. Customers want to feel appreciated by those they invest money in, so maintaining professionalism is important.

Email Spam

If you have a mailing list and are sending out emails to customers, there is a fine line between keeping them updated and flooding their inbox. Should you spam a customer’s inbox, they really won’t appreciate it! Instead, only send out emails that are relevant to your brand and that of the consumer.

For instance, if you have a special discount for your loyal followers, they’re more likely to appreciate this, over a generic, promotional email.

Website Issues

You’ll find many consumers prefer to shop online, rather than go out in person. This means your business website needs to be easy to navigate, otherwise, consumers may struggle to access what they need, and go somewhere else. If you’re not paying attention to how your site looks, this can have a huge impact on customer retention.

If you’re not an expert in building a professional website, make sure you hire someone who is. Ensure your content is easy to understand and try to use plenty of visuals to keep the reader hooked. If they see large blocks of text, this can be a chore to sift through. You can go one step further and start your own blog. This can add a personal touch and show that there’s a human behind the face of the business. Make sure you house your blog link at the top of your website for more traffic.

No Social Media Presence

When a customer has a problem with a product or needs clarification on a particular service, they may turn to the company’s social media pages for advice. This means it’s more important than ever to get on social media and get engaging with customers. Whether you create a business page on Facebook, or set up one on Instagram, having somewhere where consumers can get in touch is a must.

You may not have the time or luxury to spend your days and nights on social media, so ensure you have employees who are specifically trained in platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Once your brand goes onto these channels, customers will have a much easier time seeking you out and asking for advice. Make sure you regularly update your social media pages with relevant content, as this will keep your brand at the top of customers’ feeds.

For any business to succeed, you need to retain as many customers as possible. To do this, avoiding the mistakes above and putting your customers first is essential.

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