Different Ways to Become a Better Leader – A Guide by Entrepreneur Daniel Shin


When you look from leader to leader in the business world, you can often find more than a few things in common with them. They all tend to have the ability to connect with their clients, lead their team members, and focus on the big picture ahead of them.

Daniel Shin is the founder and co-CEO of PortOne Global, a payment processing company based in Asia. A prolific innovator within the tech space, Daniel Shin has taken major strides over the years as he has developed an international approach to his global work.

Finding prolonged success at the highest rungs of the corporate ladder gave Daniel Shin the opportunity to expound on some of the ways that he has made his way there.

Learn How to Work With a Team

Daniel Shin is of the firm belief that no company can compete without a strong team of motivated workers ready to carry the burden. As a result, Shin has focused for a long time on how to better work with and lead his teams. This has given Shin some notoriety for the creative collaborations that he is known for.

As a team leader, Shin focuses on the following areas:

  • Embrace Organization – Team leaders must be able to delegate tasks to the appropriate workers while prioritizing them based on deadlines. In doing so, team leaders like Shin can keep the machine flowing.
  • Work With Collaboration – Team leaders like Daniel Shin are also focused on creating a collaborative and open environment where communication reigns supreme. Shin believes that the best ideas backed by the best plans are the ones worth pursuing.
  • Improve Emotional Intelligence – The way that we act and react to what happens before us is what determines our emotional intelligence. Dynamic leaders like Daniel Shin must be able to safely and comfortably navigate ideas while drawing from personal experiences.

Maintain a Focus on Your Life

Even with a dynamic team of professionals surrounding and supporting you, Daniel Shin understands there are ways to falter. In order to retain the kind of enduring success that Shin has enjoyed, he suggests embracing a healthier and more wholesome work-life balance.

Daniel Shin said in an interview, “Life is not all about getting to the finish line. It is also how you ran the race and the impact you had on others along the way.”

In order to keep his long-term view healthy and his work effective, Shin advocates taking time to smell the roses. Shin says, “I like to tell myself there is more to life. Take the time to have lots of fun along the way.”

Today, Daniel Shin remains uncompromising in his focus on continuing the growth of PortOne Global.

Shin added, “Too many people focus on making money, and that deters you from the path to greatness you were on previously.”

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